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Chinese tea ceremony -- the life and life of Art


Chinese Tea
  Chinese tea has Sanyi: Tea Tea Road, tea tea, tea tea which is order. Tea tea, is tea tea art, and is a comprehensive art. Its natural poetry, calligraphy and painting, architecture, the situation is, the tea tea Nianye daily material life to the spiritual and cultural level; tea tea cultivation is the practice of the implementation in the tea art forms, is physically and mentally, realize Avenue; tea tea is the highest realm is the highest pursuit and Chinese tea, boiling water to make tea, but it.

  In the Chinese tea ceremony, tea Tea Tao is the basic, tea tea cultivation is objective, tea tea that the road is the root. Tea Tea Road, emphasis on aesthetic art; tea tea cultivation, moral practice; tea tea namely, focusing on religious philosophy.

  Chinese tea set religion, philosophy, aesthetics, ethics, art in one, is linked to art, practice, as tao. The tea ceremony, tea art form is set to practice enlightenment for the purpose of, the tea art and religious one, not art for the road, road to the arts.

  Chinese tea is the tea art, is the art of life, is the art of life.

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