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Tea cultivation -- Chinese tea culture in south of the Five Ridges


  Since the development of tea culture, have a significant impact on social life and social development reflected in the tea business, can enrich the people; to the friends of tea, enough to friendship; tea generation wine, advocating the spirit; improve thought to tea cultivation, tea art, beautify life;; tea to cook, rich diet; tea to pharmaceutical, health care longevity.

  Tea culture refers to the tea of natural science and social science combined, include all aspects of influence of material production and consumption of tea on ideology and spiritual life.

  Tea culture is reflected in two aspects: material and spiritual form. Physical form includes tea historical relics, relics, books, paintings, various tea tea, tea famous tea, tea, tea dance and art performances, tea ceremony, tea; spiritual form, including spirit, tea ceremony, tea to guests, tea, tea cultivation and so on honesty. South of the Five Ridges tea culture wide coverage, two "hot" respectively in Chaozhou and Guangzhou.

  Chaozhou south of the Five Ridges tea culture tea culture is another important series, and especially in the "Kung Fu tea" known. "Chaozhou tea" in the "Chaozhou" does not refer to the administrative regions in Chaozhou, but Shantou, Chaozhou, Jieyang, including Shanwei and Fengshun, part of Xingning, Tai Po in Zhaoan and Fujian, in Chaoshan area. "Kung Fu" two characters in the tide is elegant, Yu semantic work carefully and attentively. "Chaozhou tea" is a very particular about tea ceremonies, is Chao Shan people of refined tea, elegant, elegant tea steep process and evaluation level, the etiquette custom, be in a leisurely and carefree mood and other aspects of the overall summary and title. "Kung Fu tea" respected "and, respect, fine, music" of the spirit, there are particular about tea, water, tea, tea, mood, environment, product rhyme etiquette and so on.

Chinese tea ceremony -- the life and life of Art "Qing" tea and Zen is a shared awareness

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