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"Qing" tea and Zen is a shared awareness


  A friend said: "the tea ceremony in the intention, a Buddhist term. Laurel axis, flower fragrance smell, smell, sound, taste tea, dignified manner. Five pure, natural pure thoughts, and the final purpose to make ideas clean. Twelve my heart does not leave the tea ceremony."

  "Qing" is common with tea and Zen consciousness. A kind of experience it is not only the Chan sect, a kind of sublimation is tea and Zen, but also the unique esthetic appeal, reproducing human pursuit for the natural life of dedication.
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  Zen thought "quiet" conscience "is the prerequisite for the thing I two forget", only the heart meditation, eliminate interference, abandon distracting thoughts, in order to achieve "the highest perfection I like". Therefore, Temple Temple most choose to scenic beauty, Qing Mi tranquil place; between Zen monks lay also often seclusion landscape, to enjoy the "things I one" quietism heart. Zen monks to ascetic way, Zen meditation, with clear with basic necessities of life, in the light of the. Even the Zen Garden testimonies also name to "regulations". Can say, the Qing "Zen is empty view one of the most obvious characteristics.

  And the Zen with tea, but quiet elegant wind, is still indifferent to inactivity, teahouse design, to quiet to, not flashy, tranquil and natural, often a dust out of the vulgar sense. More importantly, the "Qing" is the unity of form and content, the concrete cultural style more effectively create a "thing I unite as one" Zen sublimation.

  The tea effect framed as a Buddhist religious matter, is the essence of the theory. In fact, including Zen Buddhism, Buddhist doctrine, its truth or ring or in the final analysis, theory, is "to human desires", "seeking truth", a strength to promote understanding. Thus, the pursuit of "Qing", and Zen nothingness view almost identical.

  Another tea book "Southern book" also said: "the Kuji tea is intended to represent the Buddha world clean without dirt, thus open (i.e. Tea Gardens) Hermitage whisk is dirt, and straight heart intersection, or custom size French, but into the fire, boiling soup, tea things. Whether or not he, this is also the outpouring.

  The tea ceremony as "the world of Buddha" clean without dirt, as the "Qing" as "the expression", reveals the inner link tea and Zen, also make us further understanding to the theory of Zen to Zen in tea, the tea, "Zen tea blindly".

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