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  Whether it is Chinese or Japanese tea ceremony, tea ceremony, during the formation and development of Buddhist temple and, especially with Jackson forged indissoluble bound. "Zen tea blindly, the consensus for tea. The seven bowl of taste, a pot was really fun. The air held hundreds of verse, as tea. Pay one's respects to a monk Zhaozhou from knows the mage, Zhaozhou asked: "have to here?" The monk said, "once the" Zhaozhou told: "drinks tea". One day a monk visiting, Zhaozhou asked: "have to here?" The monk said: "not to." Zhaozhou also told: "drinks tea". Several "tea", has pointed out, "have to" let go "is not to". All ready, not outward looking inward, seeking, tea can be realized, this is the Zen tea blindly.

  The Buddha said, exhausted, lay down the butcher's knife, become a Buddha immediately. "The hero to convert old all Buddha, veteran also Hill regardless of soldiers." Lu Tixia Ye Hao, Wu walker or end, eureka. Splendid extreme, attributable to the plain. The mountain or the mountain, see water or water, finally epiphany the world in its own true feelings. Life such as tea, derived from nature; man, let nature take its course, eventually return to nature.

  Tea products. Tea is a very strange thing, when in a hurry to drink, but found not to his taste; if can calm down slowly taste, which will find it very sweet. Such is life, if it is not meditation taste, cannot find his good, could not find his beauty. The human soul is always too many things. Quietly making a cup of tea, so that the soul obtain temporary release. When free out from the busy life, even if only for an instant, this cup of tea is also worth.

  If tea. As the song goes: "do not experience wind and rain, how can see the rainbow, no one can casually succeed." Perhaps, only to encounter a setback, as can withstand hot boiling water like tea, connotation and strength to release the life itself deep. To truly understand Zen tea blindly, all by their own experience. This experience through practice to feel the tea things. Can also be based on the tea, tea with the taste to enlightenment.

  Zen tea, tea zen mind, more quiet soul. Tea can clear heat, Zen meditation ming. Zen tea blindly, is a rare human realm of life, many people yearn for the state. In fact, the real state, do not need to yearn for, but the sentiment. Have seen many people show off their tea in Buddha before the Bodhisattva Blessing, but I think it is only a little heart self consolation. Zen, everywhere; heart, is the most important.

  In culture, mental perception, Dharma understanding, get along swimmingly with each other. Zen advocated could teach first, "not in wisdom, no", "raise your hand very often in the dojo", "all the sound is the Buddha sound, all the color is the Buddha color", "green bamboo is the Dharmakaya, but his yellow prajna." Jianshui tea does not contain this truth?

"Qing" tea and Zen is a shared awareness Zen tea with tea meditation a happy life

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