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Zen tea with tea meditation a happy life


  For thousands of years, tea ceremony, tea culture shows a kind of eternal vitality, is broken and continued, regardless of Chinese tea, Japanese tea ceremony, tea ceremony in Korea, all without exception makes contact feel her a charm. What is the secret? Is the people through the tea ceremony to get a really good beauty. Rich and colorful tea culture can be attributed to the tea, tea, tea zen.

  Tea is the tea of fun, including material enjoyment and spiritual joy. Jia Ming, Qing Quan, tea set, day, throughout the United states. A bosom friend, together drink, suit and the common people. Tea has the elegance, no they don't. 

  Tea is tea of merit. Lu Yu contemporaries Liu Zhenliang puts forward "ten tea" to taste the taste of tea, keep the body in tea, tea flooding smell, with tea and tea to raise gas, angry, tea loose heart, Li Li Ren tea, tea table with respect to the heart, to tea to tea feasible road. 

  Zen tea is to explain the tea and Buddhism closely karma. What is tea zen combine and reached a state. Zen in Sanskrit means "meditation", "repair", "evil" etc.. 

  In the spiritual realm of tea, do not know how many people can feel a Western poet said: "to see a world in a grain of sand". But almost every like green tea or oolong tea of Asians are not difficult to appreciate -- from a tea can taste the landscape and the spirit of nature. If you mouth on a West Lake Longjing green tea, the tea flavor, which is easy to turn your eyes a piece of Jiangnan water tender and beautiful scenery; if you entrance is Anxi oolong tea, Tieguanyin Bitian peak, then, what you see is blue sky and white clouds on the top of the mountain, at the same time as the fragrance tea and tea gas, as if you are in the mountains, breathing into the mountain clear breath. From the tea in the understanding of landscape, and constantly changing really delicate taste, delicious and gas...... A simple method is the return to nature. So, how is tea can give people of all this? In addition to the mysteries of nature, is the human coordination.

  Tea drinking alone, also be to drink, a cup in hand, Amberpack fragrance, eliminate the worry, to give up is not the heart, heart fame. "Cold night guest to tea when the wine", to serve the guest to tea, although not as good as drink is lofty, be in high and vigorous spirits, but three two good, tea break, a "organs are fragrance", gossip, far apart from each other, the atmosphere is more and more complex, and best song, the world of tea is a peaceful world!

Chinese tea, Zen tea, tea Zen Mind Goods to the depths to know tea

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