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Goods to the depths to know tea


  Chinese people love tea, one day can not do without this gentleman. Tea tea is Xiang bin wedding guests friends indispensable etiquette. Everywhere, except to give you the master landscape sites, not to let you taste the local tea. A cup of hot tea is served, naturally have a heart to heart communication, empathy, say nothing at all.

  Tea is tame, unlike wine that heat of publicity, also don't like coffee rich people excited, even the fragrance like cold fragrance, Mei Narcissus fragrance, her color, flavor, taste can be comparable with the jade and crystal. Precisely because of these characteristics, and Chinese advocates a middle course, Yangxin Yangqing says fit, tea is Chinese people the habit.

  Tea, a clear, taboos, avoid dust, avoid noise, avoid greasy, bogey fishy smell of mutton, she is the earth sun and breed elite, breathing mountain mist cloud sleet clear. Or is brewed in a pot, or is stored in the tank, although the experience of picking, kneading, rolling brake, frying, steaming and other multi - channel technology, she is a life, as long as the water, she was exciting interpretation of life, release the life qualities, let you savor the taste of life. Therefore, she on the water quality, water temperature requirements, only the mother milk, mountains, snow can fall spring day and her matching; fire too dry, make the run, the cover is too long, have no taste tea really, can smell the smoke gas cooked soup. Now, the tea public figure, and lemon, and rose, and jasmine, and chrysanthemum, have lost the qualities of tea, the tea of the pure fragrance, astringent aftertaste, seeps the heart moistening lung, two axillary wind, and clear experience all lost, what to drink tea? Tea, is a holiday for soul, spirit of moisture, three five friends, held in between the mountains and rivers, choose a quiet teahouse, brew a pot of buds Yangxian snow, bamboo, Taihu Mingding tea...... Wait, carefully to taste, let you impetuous mentality smooth down, let you reserved look to relax, and you smell the elegant tea, see the leaves in the cup and comfortable attitude, then you noticed the window on the bamboo tree swaying, hear birds, so your thoughts become fresh and lofty, happy pleasure penetrated into every cell, the body then, tea in your imperceptibly helps you to enter the "quiet", state.

  Mr. Zhao Puchu said many times on his friends and students: "tea" the Zen meaning, I'm afraid each love tea people a lifetime to pursue experience.

Zen tea with tea meditation a happy life

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